The Technical Due Diligence and Audit on a Metallurgical Accounting, an issue in processing plant or on a merger or acquisition target, can identify the opportunity that others have missed, or reveals the fatal flaw that prevents an expensive mistake.

Our consultants experience gained in leading and participating in technical due diligence studies, audits and site visits across a number of commodities and continents, gives us the capability to evaluate potential merger or acquisition targets and give our clients the advantage.

Our services range:

  • Metallurgical Accounting, Reconciliation and Toll Milling Audits: Accurate metallurgical accounting is essential for understanding and optimising the performance of the operation. Our experiences on metallurgical accounting system and metal balance audits can provide our clients confidence in the accuracy of the data they are generating or using especially when a toll milling agreement is in place.
  • Site Visits: We are offering our clients to audit existing systems and recommend appropriate KPIs and implement process improvements.
  • Sampling System Review: By reviewing sampling regimes, protocols and techniques and identifying errors and defects or areas for improvement, we can ensure the data that a processing plant is working with is accurate.
  • International Cyanide Code Compliance Audit
  • Technical Reports:  We are able to use test work data and generate required technical reports suitable for presentation to executive management, external parties or shareholders.
  • Technical Assessments
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Our experts are able to assist our clients with evaluation of merger or acquisition targets as leader or supporting role in the due diligence study. We will provide our clients the real value of the project and also help them to identify any fatal flaws or potential opportunities.