It is proved that well trained employees and operators are able to add more value in terms of abilities in problem solving and decision making. Not only does the confident employee / operator become more productive through getting training that provides them key skills and knowledge, the employer benefits through tackling new challenges with the confidence that it now has the human resources to do so.

OreVenture Training and Technical Services provides relevant, flexible, adoptable and practical professional training services in mining & resource industries and hydrometallurgical and mineral processing operations to fulfil client needs.

OreVenture can conduct customised and in-house training sessions for professionals, operational and managerial staff to improve skills and technical awareness directly applicable to their roles on mineral processing plant or mine site. Training courses can be tailored to meet specific needs of any client, as required, in classroom in our facilities or onsite; one-on-one basis or in group sessions.

We are able to provide operators and plant personnel training during start-up and commissioning stages as well as developing operating and training manuals specified for the client.

Our training courses are facilitated by qualified industry proven professionals and subject matter experts to ensure our clients obtain the skills they need to succeed.

In addition, the following are other services that OreVenture provides to the industry:

  1. Development of the Operating Manuals.
  2. Development of the Training Manuals.
  3. Development of Work Instructions, Procedures, Isolation Lists, etc.
  4. Development of Safety Training Courses and Manuals (For Operators, Supervisors and Managers).

Please make a selection from our training menu for detailed information on each training course.