OreVenture offers a wide range of training courses and workshops; designed to provide skills and key knowledge of the resource sector to mining executives, mining professionals, project managers, geologists, senior mine and processing plant operating staff, engineers, metallurgists and researchers. Training providers, suppliers & vendors to the industry, technologists, bankers, brokers and investors also can benefit from our wide range of training courses and workshops. Our course content is always fresh and continually updated to meet the industry needs and reflects innovation across mining and mineral industry and resource sector.

All of these training courses and workshops can be custom tailored (content and duration) and delivered on client’s site or corporate office. We deliver our training courses and workshops in many different ways, to suit client’s particular needs. By Participating in OreVnture training courses and workshops you can earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) that fulfil the requirements for continuing professional development (CPD).

Professional Courses and Workshops:

  1. Nickel Ore Processing
  2. Mass Balancing and Inference
  3. Modelling and Simulation in Mineral Processing
  4. Mining in a Day
  5. Mining for Executives, Managers  & Investors
  6. Mineral Processing for Front Line Supervisors / Operators
  7. Mineral Processing for non-Mineral Processors
  8. Mineral Processing for Bankers and Financial Executives
  9. Mineral processing (2 days Course)
  10. Mineral Economics
  11. Mine To Mill – Grade Control & Mine Reconciliation
  12. Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist
  13. Metallurgical Testwork, Interpretation and Process Design
  14. Metallurgical Accounting and Ore Sampling
  15. Metal Recovery Course
  16. Leaching Short Course
  17. Iron ore Processing Course
  18. Introduction to Petroleum Geology
  19. Introduction to NI 43-101 / JORC
  20. Introduction to Mining for Bankers
  21. Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  22. Independent Technical Audit
  23. Hydrometallurgy Short Course
  24. Heap Leaching Short Course
  25. Grinding Circuits Fundamentals, Operation and Design
  26. Gold Sampling and Mass Balancing
  27. Gold Ore Processing Short Course
  28. Geology for Non-Geologists
  29. Fundamentals of Feasibility Studies in Mining and Mineral Industry (From Concept to Detail Design)
  30. Flotation Short Course
  31. Energy Management in Mining and Mineral Industry
  32. Cyanide Management Course
  33. Crushing Short Course
  34. Cost Estimate and Financial Modelling for Mineral Processing Projects
  35. Copper Extraction Short Course
  36. Commissioning, Start up and Ramp-up in Mineral Processing Projects/Plants
  37. Blasting Short Course
  38. Bio-Leaching Short Course
  39. Beneficiation of Low Grade Ores
  40. Bayer-Hall Heroult Process (Bauxite-Alumina -Aluminium process)
  41. Assay Short Course
  42. Applied Mineralogy Short Course
  43. An Introduction to Cut-off Grade Estimation: Theory and Practice in Open Pit and Underground Mines
  44. Advanced Excel for Mineral Processors and Metallurgists
  45. Advanced Excel for Engineers and Scientists
  46. Oil & Gas Economics
  47. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Fundamentals
  48. Oil Sand Processing
  49. Open Pit & Dump Design
  50. Ore Sorting
  51. Plant Design, Layout and Flowsheet Development in Mining and Mineral Industry
  52. Potash Industry Short Course
  53. Process Control for Operators
  54. Process Mineralogy Short Course
  55. Resource Estimation
  56. Sampling (Theory and Method) in Mineral Industry
  57. Shale & Tight Reservoirs – Evaluation & Development
  58. Strategic Mine Planning & Optimization
  59. Subsea Engineering Fundamentals
  60. Sustainability in Mining and Mineral Industry
  61. Technical and Financial Appraisal Projects – Appraisal of Energy
  62. Uranium Ore Processing Course
  63. Waste Management and Sustainability in Mining and Mineral Industry
  64. Water Management in Mining and Mineral Industry
  65. Water Treatment Systems and Technologies